Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Punch List Begins: Outside Mantel

There's a reason that I haven't done any grand reveals of the house:
Every room, 
is lacking something. 
It might be as little as a doorstop or as big as a cabinet, 
but there's something in every room to be done. 

It's taken us this long for the unfinished details to begin bothering us.
But we're at that point 
and we're ready to put our respirators, drill, hammers and paint brushes to work again.

Stand back,
we've officially begun the campaign to knock out our punch-list!!

First thing checked off the list:  Mantels.

Last week, Barb and Rich came over for bridge and dinner 
and volunteered for a little manual labor before eating.
The outside fireplace on the lower level before:
For this mantel, we had a length of leftover oak timber from the house planed down to size
and holes were drilled to accomodate the bolts that were part of the fireplace construction. 
Then it was time for us to do the finish work.
Joe sanded the daylights out of it 
and I put on a few coats of Watco Danish Oil
 to make it just a little darker.
After waiting a week or so for the oil finish to cure, 
we coated it with about 6 thin coats of Waterlox Sealer.
Installing it was pretty simple;
it slid into place and the bolts were tightened from below....
One beautiful locally grown oak mantel:

I was excited about this post announcing that something was actually finished,
but we're still missing a fireplace screen.

Oh well it's almost done,
and in the end....
Getting something done on the house:

Time with friends:


  1. There's just something to be said for a good looking mantel. Yours looks smart and as though it belongs there...

    Nice sunset too! Did you see it tonite? WOW... I took photos so will post soon. It was to die for gorgeous after it rained all day long.

  2. the most important thing're not waiting until it's finished to use it.
    tempus fugit and carpe diem.

  3. Wow. That's perfect. We are still "punching" over here, too! The problem is, you finish one and notice another. And then you realize you have been letting the outside go to pot. And then you realize you really need to dust. Like that

  4. OK, Grace, so now you have us thinking about doing a few more things we were hoping not to do around our home, but since it isn't selling anytime soon it seems we will have time. Repurposing the wood for use as you new new mantel worked out wonderfully and dinner on the deck with a gorgeous sunset was perfect.


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