Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Still Kicking

I mentioned something I'd seen on a blog the other day 
and Joe responded, 

"You used to have a blog."

Oh that hurt!  
Guess it's time to dust off the keyboard!

It's been a glorious September here.  

Blueberry pancakes on the porch for breakfast,
full days of activities and 
stargazing at night.

Details and more regular posts to follow!


  1. Pancakes, syrup and a VIEW to die for.

  2. I like blueberry pancakes, she said with a hopeful expression. I made Apple Butter Spice Cake with the Apple Butter an d I still have some to eat! Thanks.

  3. Hearing from you and blueberry pancakes (my favorite) to boot!!!

  4. You still have a blog, Grace, and a wonderful sense of humor, as always. Thanks for the update and you have been busy enjoying those blueberry pancakes on the porch. After all, someone had to do that!


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