Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Friends for Life

Sometimes you meet somebody that you know is special.

Almost 20 years ago, I met one of those people.

There's that quote about 
"A friend is someone who'll bail you out of jail at 1AM,
But a true friend will be sitting beside you in the cell 
saying "Damn wasn't that fun?"

That's Cathy.  

We go together like pieces of a puzzle; 
differences and similarities that mesh
and you wind up with a friend for life,
through thick and thin. 

I instantly liked her.... 
She thought I was kind of snotty and was trying to pawn my Cub Scout Den off on her. 

But I grew on her.  :)

Not long ago, I came across this old newspaper photo from the 90's....
We were out planting trees with a few of our Cub Scouts and some forestry interns at a local park.
Cathy on the left and me on the right.
Man we had some energy back then!

Do you think I was excited that my BFF from CA 
was coming for a visit last week?  

I was over the moon.  

It didn't last long enough.

We also got to catch up with Otto 
and I was treated to seeing what a wonderful young lady Angela has turned out to be.  

Cathy brings out the crazy that's always bubbling right under the surface of me....

After snidely laughing about how young girls 
stand in such a similar way for photos nowadays,
you know:  
One knee bent, hand on hip,
hip toward the camera,
Chin up, chest forward?  

We had to do our best twenty something imitation out on the scenic overlook.
Hey, it isn't such a bad look!  
Maybe the youngsters are onto something?!

Joe and Otto weren't too embarrassed.  
They're used to these antics by now.

I wish there was a way to move California closer to Virginia.  


  1. You both rock no matter how you pose.

    I think we could easily push W. Virginia, Tennessee, Missouri, Oklahoma Colorado, Arizona out of the way and relocate Virginia and California closer to one another. Not a problem. LOL

  2. So, DID you try to pawn off the cubs scouts? I also wish California was closer. Closer to see my mom and closer to fly to Hawaii!

  3. Yes, we too wish our friends lived closer to VA so maybe we could work on rearranging the country. Luckily, we were able to visit today with NJ friends who moved to Dunville, Ontario.


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