Sunday, August 4, 2013

What I Didn't Blog About in July

In keeping with the "journal" quality of my blog,
it's time for a bullet point summary 
of a few highlights that slipped under the blogging radar in July.

  • The best news of July was that Joe's visit to the  preventive cardiologist (yes, he had to wait months for the appointment) brought relieving news.  A heart MRI showed no signs of a heart attack or any damage during his big scare in the spring, no need for him to start taking any drugs and nothing unusual or worrisome regarding heart function.  That was quite a relief!

  • The kitchen is lacking only a few details from being finished!  The backsplash tile for the bar area was backordered at move-in time, but had come in months ago. 

The impromptu collage of Christmas cards and postcards taped to the sheetrock
finally began to bother me,
so I pestered everyone at the tile shop
 until Johnny finally came back to save the day! 

It's made in New Hampshire of recycled brick.
  • Mega-Music party across the road, Rotary party, Girls Night Out.... there were quite a few fun evenings in addition to bridge and watching sunsets from the porch etc!  

  • I managed to ride Cloud a sum total of twice in July.  My back has had me back at the chiropractor and I never could figure out why Cloud was limping for a few days.    

  • And finally,  I started a part time job! 

When I saw an ad looking for part-time help 
at the local kitchen/cookware shop,
I couldn't resist putting in an application.
I'm a kitchen gadget geek and love to cook
so I thought why not give it a try.
And darned if they didn't wind up hiring me!

More on the job in a later post, 
but I'm sort of all caught up now!
Now to tackle the backlog of blog reading that I want to do!  


  1. What little I could see of the kitchen looks wonderful, Grace. Glad to read the great news about Joe's doctor visit. Hope your back is better and Cloud's limp is gone...congrats on your new gig, hope you enjoy it. I think we stopped into that kitchen place during our visit.

  2. It all sounds great! Except for the back issue... LOVE the used brick. And hey, if you ever want to sell that I know when hell freezes over)... but let me know, won't ya? Just beautiful.

  3. oh, glad you're happy about going back to work! at least it is at a place that (definitely) interests you!

    the tile from recycled brick is cool.

  4. I love gadgets, too. I have to stop in kitchen stores from time to time to see what I didn't know that I need!

    Glad the news about Joe was good. Finest Kind.

  5. The recycled tile from bricks is perfect for your kitchen. Just love how you have customized everything and made this home exactly what you want it to be. So glad too to hear that Joe is good to go. Must have been such a scare for you two.

    Nice sky photos!

  6. Congratulations on the job! Way to go.


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