Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Stray Birds Find a Home for the Night

The crowds were huge (by Lexington standards) for the Community Festival today and since the kitchen shop was directly across from the music tent in Courthouse Square,  we got to listen to some terrific tunes all day while working.

And that's my segue into the subject of today's post.... music.

I've blogged about our neighbors house concerts before.  Buying land opposite their home was a perk that the realtor should have told us about!!

We'd been looking forward to Thursday's house concert featuring The Stray Birds at the Krantz' for weeks.  I'd read The Stray Birds reviews on the internet.... NPR, radio DJ's and critics etc all raving about the trio.

Sure enough, they deserved the praise!  Each voice was unique and strong on their own and when they combined their talents it was genius.  How to describe them?.... A little bluegrass?  A little folk?  A LOT of talent!
Photo by Jake Jacobsen (taken from The Stray Birds website)
When you can stroll 50 yards up the gravel road in your jeans, walk in the side door, pour a glass of wine, sign the guest book, throw some money in the gathering basket, load up a plate of munchies from the communal tables and then sit down and be treated to a spectacular evening of music, the evening is so simple that a danger is taking the beautiful music you'll hear a little for granted.

But when the group is like this one, even a non-musical person like me knows that they're out of the ordinary.   I've got every confidence that these three will be well known before long.
Photo by Monica De Vitry (taken from The Stray Birds website)
At the close of the concert, I learned that the three "Stray Birds" were going to be crashing on couches for the night.  So you know I had to make a spur of the moment offer of a place to roost for the night!

After the concert, the three "Strays" (Maya, Oliver and Charles) walked over and after a little visiting on the porch and some wine, they had a good nights sleep, hot showers and then some coffee and fruit the next morning.  The mother in me definitely came out and I was thrilled that we could put them up for the night.

Taking in strays.  Birds no less.  Never a dull moment!

Go to their website and buy their CD.  It's brilliant.  Seriously, I'm about to wear my copy out.  And I'm kicking myself that I didn't act all groupie and ask them to sign it for me!

Go ahead.... get to the website.  Now.

Trust me on this one!


  1. now that's neat! not only the nearby house concerts, but that you really liked them and had them as guests, too. :)

  2. Now those are some great neighbors to have, Grace, and how wonderful to have shared your home overnight too. On my way to following the link, next.

  3. You are kindness itself..."Let brotherly love continue. Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares."

  4. Boy, you sure picked the best site in Lexington!

  5. Good neighbors make good neighbors of their neighbors. Wait. Did that make sense? I'm smack in the middle of a city but it's a quirky one and we have impromptu concerts going on at every fourth porch light. Ah loves it.

  6. You REALLY picked the best site in Lexington! Remember!!!.. if you ever want to sell..... :-)


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