Sunday, July 14, 2013

Walk in the Woods

The daily rains have slowed our progress on the woods trail.  

Plus the chainsaw has decided to die twice
and is currently kaput again.
So while trail #1 has finally made a loop, 
it requires some acrobatic climbing over downed trees to make the circle.

The other morning when I was having my morning coffee on the back porch, 
I heard what sounded like running water.  
Since we don't live on a creek, 
it meant that our little drainage "stream" and the feeder from our spring 
were running fast enough to hear from the house. 

It was a sloppy mess in the woods.
I really shouldn't have trod up the trails 
but I was oh so curious to see the water levels.
The rains have made everything SO green!

This tree is hanging over the steam bed with all it's might and is almost totally undercut.
I love the triple ledge of rocks at this little "waterfall".....  

 Sure enough at the confluence of our two streams, 
we had whitewater!  
Burbling over the stones it was loud enough to hear all the way up at the house. 
 I'm excited to get some landscaping around the house, 
but the woods are delightful and a constant source of new things to see.


  1. Love that about Virginia! Little streams pop up everywhere with the heavy rains.

    I don't go tromping through our woods, but David does and always comes back with poison ivy... he's fighting a rash of it on one leg this week.

  2. I grew up, not with woods, but with a stream as the back border to the property. I loved to hear the water going over the rock waterfall. In the fall and spring I'd spend an afternoon clearing out the leaves so that the water would make noise again as the leaves would slow the flow and muffle the noise. My parents have since moved to NC and live on a small lake, but there is no waterfall sound.

  3. Love your little stream. Unfortunately we don't have any streams, even after heavy rains.

  4. Water front property! Who knew?

  5. I'm afraid your first summer here is also the wettest one ever! I love your waterfall.

  6. A most precious place, the woods. You are lucky to have one. So much peace and beauty to find there.


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