Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Gardening Bug

Are you thinking that Matt and Suzanne are still here?  

No, they stayed a fun-filled week,
then hooked up the motor home 
and went on their way 
to visit with Amish friends in PA and attend an auction.

That's one serious motorhome!  

I'd love to see a photo of it parked by the Amish farmhouse!

In the last post, I was moaning and fantasizing 
about wanting help from the gardeners at Montpelier.
See the bare bed and weeds growing in front of the house?

As it turns out, who needs Montpelier?
Not me!!

Through an introduction from Arthur Bartenstein 
(who helped with the stoop and step design of the entryway)
a local plantswoman extraordinaire is going to help 
with the design and implementation of the front beds!!  


In friendly county fashion, she invited me to her home 
for lunch and a visit 
so that I could see her garden
and get some ideas now that I've moved up several gardening zones.

Maybe I shouldn't have gone...

It was like bringing a recovering alcoholic to the Jack Daniels Distillery.

Or maybe a heroin addict to a poppy field?

Heaven, absolute heaven....

Oh, I feel the gardening itch coming on strong.
Repeat after me:
"I will NOT go into gardening in a large way again....."

Yeah right.  :)


  1. Go for it! Flowers are balms and great beauty is never too much to long for.

  2. WOW. I have to leave it to the prior homeowners to do a great job of planting, and they did. I'm just not good at it nor do I enjoy the planting process..Guess I don't like getting my hands dirty. xox

  3. OHMYGOSH...beautiful garden and yours will be as beautiful as well!

  4. When I can afford a gardener, THAT is the garden I want.

  5. Oh my goodness!!! THOSE GARDENS!!! At this time of year my husband has already sent my pictures to area nurseries with the caveat, "DO NOT SELL TO THIS WOMAN." :)

    I cannot wait to see what you do with this new palette. So very exciting!

    Last week we were coming home from a visit to my mom in PA and had stopped at a gas station (WaWa). Soon an Amish young man pulled in in his buggy, tied his horse to a streetlight, and walked into the WaWa!! I tried to get a picture of the horse and buggy, but couldn't!

  6. Simply gorgeous! Wish I had that at my house.

  7. Your vow not to garden in a LARGE way is similar to what we said several years ago. Then we planted a very large garden and lots of flowers and that satisfied the urge for a few years. Now, the flower gardens are self-tending and the veggie garden is way smaller and we are done scraping that itch. So maybe you need to go ahead and do it too. Those flower gardens were lovely and inviting.

  8. I have green envy (and pink and yellow, red and purple). It would be hard to learn to garden in a new zone without help.


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