Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Special Company

There are some houseguests and company 
who require special treatment while they're visiting.
You might be thrilled to see them, 
but you've got to work a little to be a good hostess
and your routine has to change to accommodate their presence.

When they're in the house, you'll want to remember to at least 
brush your teeth and comb your hair 
before going out to fix the morning coffee.
You might even feel that you've got to get dressed and take a shower before breakfast!

And then there are those guests who breeze in the door 
and instantly make themselves at home. 

They've seen you at your worst and aren't judgmental.
Half dressed in the morning?  Who cares?!
Dishes not done?  Who cares?!
Piles of laundry on the floor?  Who cares!  

They don't mind if you're in your pjs in the morning 
because even though they've brought along their own bed, 
they'd rather sleep 
right there in the bed with you!

Atta has her friend Murphy visiting for a few days
while his owners the keepers of his house 
are out of town.  

If something's wrong with his accommodations then he gently lets us know....
He's not above silently and patiently reminding us when it's dinner time.
"If I stare at the food bin long enough, the lid will open and the bowl will be filled."
If he's still hungry later in the evening, 
he gets the message across 
that he'd appreciate a little more to eat.

With good friends, you can chill out in the kitchen and watch the minutes tick by.
Now that he's visited numerous times,
the persnickity member of the house 
(aka Noel the Tabby Cat) 
has him fully under her clawless control 
through her feline powers of mental intimidation.  
He's the kind of friend who takes over your favorite bed 
and you don't mind a bit
not even a little bit
Nope, not at all....

Well maybe it bothers you a tiny bit. 
But it's worth it to have your best friend in the house!


  1. my kinda house guest!!!

    that last shot is ADORABLE!

  2. Too cute. Way too cute, that last photo had me at Hello. LOL

  3. I love them looking out at you! Dogs love a doggie friend to visit. Cats, not so much.

  4. I love it!!!! You know, you have a start on a children's book!!! Text and illustrations all by you. :) You'll get filthy rich!!! A little something to do in your spare time!

  5. An adorable story! Such a sweet dog. So good that Atta and Noel(somewhat) enjoy his visits. Staring at that dog bowl, so cute. That last photo is wonderful, so sweet!!


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