Friday, July 5, 2013

Fourth Festivities

The rain had stopped at the courthouse Veteran's Memorial,
but it was a fairly slim crowd of about 50 adults and children
who attended the yearly reading of the Declaration of Independence yesterday.

It may have been because of the worrying news recently from the Middle East
or because I'd recently visited Thomas Jefferson's home Monticello,
but I made it a priority to be present for the reading this year
and was glad that I did.
Nine High School Students Each Reading a Section of the Declaration
Later that morning, it was time for the 
Children's Bike Parade.
The rain had started back up (yet again!)
so the number of children was much less than last year.
But still about two hundred or so intrepid kids
pushed and pedaled their way in the drizzle
down Main Street on scooters and bikes.
At 7 pm after several more showers interspersed with sun,
it was time to pack up the picnic gear and head to VMI's parade ground.
Joe had been there all day 
since his Rotary group is in charge of the Balloon Rally and evening festivities.

He was Czar of the "Inflatables"!
Hot air balloons, kids playing, fireflies,
a delicious picnic, music, a drenching downpour,
the company of good friends
and finally dazzling fireworks!


  1. oh what a great shot, that last one!

    And I think the Boston bomb issue scared some people away from public activities this year :-(

  2. What a super cooper day you and Joe had! AND, 200 children on a rainy day is a fabulous turnout.

  3. sounds wonderful - even with the rain!

  4. Excellent! Looks like a fabulous day.

  5. Looks like all the parade goers had heard the comment we heard all the time living in Tonga. "I not suka (pronounced soo-kah, means sugar), I not melt!

  6. I love the photo of the hot air balloon at night! You and Joe had a fabulous Fourth!


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