Sunday, July 7, 2013

Confused Weather

The morning of the Fourth of July,
it was foggy 
but there were patches of promising of blue sky here and there.
After we finished our breakfast on the porch,
out of nowhere came a heavy rain!
A gully-washer....
Then the harbinger of good weather:
a rainbow!!!
We were hopeful that it might be sunny for a change.

But drat!
No more than 30 minutes after the rainbow sighting,
this is what the same view looked like:
pouring rain.
The kind that looked like it might last all day.

I read a poem last week that called the weather "confused"
and I've decided that's exactly what's been happening here lately.

Confused weather.

Sure enough, forty-five minutes later, 
the skies were beginning to clear up,
so I decided to chance going into town
for the Declaration of Independence reading.

What's that I spy as I'm backing out of the garage?

A second rainbow over the hills in one morning!  
This one wasn't anymore correct on the weather forecast than the first,
since we had at least 3 more rains later in the day.
 But it was a grand sight to see!


  1. i wish we could get some rain here! getting hot and dry, now!

  2. The weather has been predictably unpredictable, and you can bet on at least a rainshower or two every day it seems... except for yesterday which was PERFECT here. Love the rainbows!

  3. As of today it makes 20 straight days and counting of rain !!!!

  4. Rain or no rain, I don't think I'd ever tire of your views :-)

  5. I share Karen's comments on your views, Grace. Our rain view from the front porch while nice is certainly not as spectacular as your own and coupled with a rainbow or a,

  6. Those darn rainbows trying to lull you into a sense of security! Beautiful photos of your views!!


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