Monday, July 15, 2013

A Weekend of Music and Food (again!)

Saturday we spent the afternoon getting ourselves
"Back to the Garden."
The town nature center/educational garden is Boxerwood Gardens
and it was time for the annual 
BoxerWoodstock Music Festival.

I wore my best hippie shirt and tucked a flower in my hair 
but herbal tea was as crazy as we got.
We ate some BBQ, listened to the bands and watched kids and dogs play.
And with perfect timing, we left for home minutes before the rain started!

Just like at the original Woodstock, 
certain festival goers were in varying states of nudity; 
thankfully all of those were under the age of 3!
On Sunday, I roasted vegetables from the farmers market 
to bring to the annual Newcomer's Club picnic.

The clear weather and cool breezes brought out a good crowd
of about 60 club members
to enjoy the food and views from the two story pavilion atop the hill in Glen Maury Park.

A Newcomer's Club may sound a little hokey,
but we've made some good friends and had lots of fun outings since we joined. 
The activities range from the weekly hike to book groups, 
supper clubs, eating out and wine tasting groups and on and on.

Since you can be a member forever, 
there are "Newcomers" in the club
who've been here for over 20 years!
We left the park and went straight to the early evening Taize service at church.
Then out for an drive in the country before sunset
and that folks was our weekend!


  1. i love the 'newcomers' club that allows you to stay forever. :)

  2. Once a newcomer, always a newcomer. I think that's great!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend. Not sure what a Newcomer's Club would look like in Buchanan. Maybe yours would adopt us!

  4. I think a Newcomers club is a terrific idea. You have had a lot of good times with them.

  5. Looks like fun times, Grace.I recall hearing about Newcomer's Clus years ago when we lived in NJ, but there are no such clubs here on the VA eastern shore, just lots of church groups.


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