Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Sunday Sign

If based on the post title,
 you think that you may be blessed with a religious bit of wisdom,
I'll warn you that there's nothing scriptural or inspiring about the following photo.
There's a lot to admire about this little sign that I saw in a store window in Staunton.
The GI Joe figures photoshopped on the squirrel....
and if they can get a werewolf 
then what trouble would a swarm of bees
or a rattlesnake be to these guys?  
I love a little imagination!

Enjoy your Sunday! 


  1. Helloooooo!! Do you remember me at all after so long??!! I guess you didn't post for a while, and I spent several months tending to my husband who had two terrible surgeries so I was off line. So happy to see you Grace! I will have to catch up on the posts I have missed. Dying to see how life on the Hill is going. I imagine you have been enjoying this summer a lot!!
    This poster is wonderful. I love people with a great sense of humor and whimsy. I would definitely hire them to take care of any werewolf problem!!

  2. I signed out and back in. Here's hoping you can reply!


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