Tuesday, June 18, 2013

We've Got Holes in the Walls!

In previous photos, you may have noticed the sparse Shaker look 
going on with our walls.
We hadn't hung up even one thing!
Yes, we've been in for over five months.

It wasn't that I was afraid of holes in the walls....
At first my excuse was that  I was still arranging furniture,
but then it was laziness, pure and simple.

Then we did something which meant that we really HAD to get out the hammer and hangers:
we went to a gallery show in town and bought a painting.
(the barn in the center.... by local artist Michael Papit.
I've got a few original things inherited from my parents,
but the majority of our "art" is prints
(hey they're signed AND numbered!)
and odd things such as a framed paper placemat from our honeymoon hotel
and photos I took in college.

Buying a real piece of art at a gallery was shockingly out of the ordinary for us.

The first room we tackled was the dining room....
Why is nothing ever easy with me?
We had to unload both cabinets in order to move them each a couple of inches
Then we hung up our David Armstrong print...
He was a fellow Bucknellian and this was one of the first things we bought together.
Next to be hung was my Great Grandma Grace (Hindorff)
I like to have her in the dining room so that she can watch over her dining room furniture 
and china.  :)
And then the sampler that I made Joe in the 80's.
It looks like someone actually lives here now!

It looked great for a dinner party
that we hosted last weekend.

I made everyone squint due to the blazing sunset and lack of curtains, 
but at least there was art on the walls!
As for the new painting which finally got our gears moving again?
It looks pretty awesome in it's new home too!  


  1. Wall art just makes all the difference. I actually hung my first three photos today and we have been here almost 3 months. I always take my sweet time about hanging things. About the time I get it all done it's time to move again! :)

  2. i DO like that painting! yup, i do believe you live there, now.

  3. I like that you did not hang them too high. So often you see pictures hung too high, with no regard for size and space. I have one of those tiger-eyes prints about 10" high X 36" wide. You've seen them... they're everywhere. I hung it UNDER the window in my computer room. It is my most favorite display in my house.

    1. Hi Pudge,
      I can't send you a direct reply since your comments aren't enabled in your google profile, but wanted to say hi and thanks for the comment! Joe is tall but we still try to hang things at average eye height for a "normal" person/woman and I guess that's me!!

  4. You've done such a lovely job making this house a home.. even the colors on the walls, just everything came together so nicely.

  5. You have so many great pictures. Now you don't have to worry about kicking one and putting a hole in it!

  6. Home homey and cozy now. I love the new barn painting.
    How sweet what you wrote about your great grandmother watching over her furniture and china. Very special.


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