Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Trails in the Woods

Our 23+ acres is largely wooded 
or in some stage of growing back into woods. 

The older woods are a dense jungle of brambles, vines, ticks and poison ivy 
so walking it isn't an option.

Until now!!

We've begun to cut our trails/paths!

So far we head down to the woods from the house
 to the spring where Mr. Biggs is buried.
The stone cairn is where the worlds greatest Jack Russell terrier lies...
we still miss him every day.

The trail follows a deer path for a while
between the cedars at the edge of our woods.
It's not wide enough for the tractor or even the riding mower....
just a footpath.
Then we meander down to the creek
Clear water and rocks.....

We've almost made a loop around behind the house
which is our goal for the summer.

There's a LOT more to explore since we're not even halfway into our woods.

We're working with all hand tools.... weedeater, brush blade, loppers 
and Joe's the king of the chainsaw.  
A chainsaw is one of the tools that I've never handled and have no plans to start learning!

We're enjoying working together 
and I'm lucky that he's willing to help make my wild hare idea
of having walking trails become reality.

So I probably shouldn't  post this photo of him but I can't resist.

I'm married to yard art!!!


  1. This is such a good idea to clear a path. It will make it much easier to enjoy all of that property, especially come autumn. Yard art, eh? LOL

  2. Wow. So much property to explore. It will be a great way for your visitors to spend some time wandering - on your own walking trails. I will say that, though it wouldn't work for you out in the woods, I love to use our small electric chain saw. A full size one is too big for me, but I can manage the small one just fine. It's coming out this week-end to cut back some of the strange juniper (I think) monstrosity in the corner of our yard. We are going to have to regrade and reseed in the fall as we just had the sewer line replaced, so what's another few square yards of area to do so to?! Bring on the chainsaw, and the hedge trimmers!

  3. I am another one that will not use the chainsaw. I like all ten of my fingers and most of my toes and want to keep them. If I could figure out how to make my feet a regular rather than a wide I might use one, but until then, no chainsaw.

    All other tools are unisex, however. I gotta find a guy. You know, a guy to do all that stuff for me when Lee doesn't want to.

  4. LOL! Yard art! You are so bad!! Thank you for showing the photo of the cairn for Mr. Biggs. That picture you had on your header way back when of him staring out at the view is one of the reasons I started following your blog.
    We had a terrible event here about 5 weeks ago now. A strong wind blew open our back gate, unbeknownst to us, and our lab mix, 12 year old Lexie-Girl, got out of the yard, way after dark. We spent three hours searching for her, and my son found her lying by the road, she'd been hit by a car, and was killed. The worst moment ever.


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