Tuesday, June 4, 2013

College Days.... Bucknell Reunion

Sometimes I surprise even myself. 

I managed to do the two previous posts 
ahead of time 
and published them via autopost 
because we've been on the road!

We headed north this past weekend 
to attend a college reunion in Lewisburg PA.

We've been Bucknell alums for 35 years!!

Like most of my Louisiana friends, 
I'd never heard of Bucknell
until I saw their catalogue 
in my high school guidance counselors office.

The internet or at least a helpful counselor would have been awesome; 
I had only the giant tome 
Peterson's Guide to Colleges 
to help me know that Bucknell 
might be a good fit.

When UVA, my first choice, didn't accept me, 
Bucknell rose from the bridesmaid position
 and my parents surely must have thought I'd lost my mind.

I got to Virginia in the end didn't I?!!
And I'll be eternally grateful for that rejection letter from UVA.
Bertrand Library.... definitely spent some time there!
My parent's money was well spent: 
I got a superb education and never regretted
getting outside my comfort zone by going so far from home
Much was expected of me and my limits were stretched daily 
as I tried to keep up with the heavy demands of reading and writing 
at what was known then as an "almost ivy" school.

I came out of my shell 
by going where nobody knew that I was a shy goody two-shoes,
and I partied pretty heavy in addition to studying!
And best of all, I met Joe during my Sr. year.

Attending functions and paying the tuition bills at the boys colleges 
took precedence over tripping down memory lane at our own school,
so it had been 20 years since we'd attended a reunion.
Robert's Hall.... My Freshman Dorm
The new buildings on campus (and there were lots) didn't mean anything to me,
instead we wandered around looking only at our old haunts.

I used to love studying in this small reading room in the Vaughn Lit building.
The dark paneling, table lamps and leather bound books
made me feel like I 'd stepped back in time even back in the 70's.

Downtown Lewisburg is a short three block walk from campus and the town looked......
Dare, I say it.....
Better than Lexington?
Growing up in Baton Rouge, 
I'd never seen anything like these Victorian houses and storefronts.
The businesses appeared to be holding their own 
against the explosion of chains and mega stores out on the highway.  

The old Art Deco Movie Theatre with the awesome neon sign

There were lots of restaurants to choose from on Friday PM, 

but we followed our hearts, 
acted like college students again 
and split a pizza!

We just HAD to see if a "Za"from Casa de Pizza 
was still as good as in the old days.

It was even better!  
Tony had passed away but his son was filling his shoes nicely.

What a huge relief it was when I remembered a lot of names 
and a few faces 
at the class cocktail party Friday PM.

We didn't try to relive our 
drinking to excess college days, 
but we were the last ones to leave the party well after midnight! 

continued tomorrow.....


  1. It sounds like a wonderful week-end so far. My sister is a Class of 94 Bucknell alum. I didn't get out there to visit more than a few times, but it certainly is a beautiful place. I remember that one of the big events while she was there was the opening of the Walmart. It gave them a new place to go to get off of campus for a bit.

    I'm looking forward to reading about the rest of your trip back in time.

  2. What a fun trip! Just think if you went to a different college, different husband, different kids. What a good choice.

  3. Your college campus looks beautiful and pretty close to ivy league for sure. I had several friends that were rejected by UVA, too, and they turned out fine too, LOL! They went to great colleges.


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