Saturday, June 1, 2013

Raccoon Redux

Back when the blog was in its infancy, 
I posted about my curiosity regarding raccoon meat being sold in Baton Rouge.

Here's the link ....  Is Louisiana On the Cutting Edge?

If you took the time to click over and read, (and you should because it was a fun post!)
then you'll see a crude sign tacked up on a telephone pole out on Hwy 61.

Times are a changin' in LA!

On my last visit, Paige was delighted to point out that the raccoon meat sign had gone upscale!

It's now in color and professionally made!
The raccoon business must be booming!
(And the root of the whole mortgage crisis is summed up in that lower sign.)
And what's that hanging on the left?

Raccoon tails (or what's left of them)! 
Now that'll bring em in off the highway!

There are times that I miss the unexpected sense of adventure in Louisiana.
Raccoon meat might be sold here but I doubt anyone 
would take the time to advertise in such a joyous technicolor fashion!

Pure Louisiana.


  1. yup! that's unique advertising!

  2. No coon meat here. Only possum and their tails are not near as cute. LOL

  3. Let's hope it is fresh killed and not road kill!

  4. I remember my Dan'l Boone hat had a raccoon tail; went well with my Dale Rogers six shooters...or so I thought.
    I don't think I'll be trying raccoon meat; it was all I could do to eat ground hog.

  5. Muskrats are popular in these parts.

  6. Interesting, but not very inviting.


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