Saturday, June 22, 2013

Louisiana Friends....

It looks like we've got Garth Brooks or Mick Jagger staying at our house.
But the humongous 42 foot motorhome out on the driveway
belongs to Louisiana friends Matt and Suzanne.
They pulled in last weekend 
(after taking a wrong turn for the other Lexington 
.... you know the one in KY!)
and have been touring the sights
and enjoying a break from the summer heat.
Wade's Mill 
You've got to love company 
who come bearing bags of frozen crawfish
and frozen etouffee for dinner!
Matt, Suzanne and Joe at Monticello
 Since I have NO shrubs or vegetables at all,
the gardens at Monticello were quite an inspiration.
If I could only get the Monticello volunteers and garden staff
to come to my house on assignment.

 And now for some necessary blog housekeeping...
Google Reader which I use for both news and blog reading is disappearing at the end of the month.
So I'm trying out Bloglovin' and for some mysterious reason
I'm supposed to paste a cryptic text in a blog post.

This may cause the world to tilt off it's axis,
or my blog to implode,
but here goes.

Oh it's just a link.  No implosion apparently.
And no need to click the link.... it just has to be there. 


  1. I do dearly love folks who show up with gifts, especially food. My kinda folks.

  2. When the Monticello folks are done up there, send them here. I will feed them if they work on my garden.

  3. I love Monticello. Your friends are getting the Shenandoah Valley tour!

  4. The pictures of Monticello are making me miss Virginia so much. My brother lives in the Shenandoah Valley, but since my mom passed away a year and a half ago, I haven't been back since. But Jefferson was such forward thinker when it came to gardening. Good luck with your inspirations!!


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