Friday, June 21, 2013

It's Not All Work

It hasn't been all work lately.

The retirement gig is pretty sweet.

We got reacquainted with our awesome horses.....
Notice the shaggy mohawk Cloud is sporting.
Do you think it's been a while since she's been clipped?

Sarge is out of practice posing for the camera
and looks like a kid making a goofy face just to aggravate his parents. 

They might not have appreciated the riding, but they loved the cool baths!
We've been playing lots of bridge
(No photos here of the mental agony and brain expansion!)

We went to the 20th annual Maury River Fiddlers Convention
I loved the name of this all women's group:  "The Canned Biscuits"!

And we went down to Buchannan to visit blogger friend Rebecca 

She came to Lexington two weeks ago,
so we'd met "in real life" once before.

Her house is awesome, she's a primo macaroon baker and I'm insanely jealous of her 4wd ATV Mule!


  1. Her baking is totally to die for and next time I am taking a flat bed so I can steal that Mule and haul it home when she's not looking. LOL

  2. How wonderful, Grace, that you also visited with Rebecca and Lee and yes their home and her baking skills are both outstanding. I feel so fortunate in having met all of you as well...maybe one day again, we hope.

  3. Thanks for the mention. I guess we better hide the Mule when we are not home. Our vicious attack dog, RJ, will protect it when we are there!

    I am always afraid when I take a picture on horseback. I think it may be the last thing I do before going flying over the ears. That may be a great shot for a YouTube submission, though.

  4. You are making Virginia into such a great home for your ourselves, with so many wonderful outings! And how fab to meet a "fellow" blogger!!!


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