Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Barn Charm? Country Drive at Reunion

I was fortunate enough to have a car in college.

Those were the days.... zipping along with the top down over winding country roads
with names like Old Schoolhouse Rd, Hoffa Mill Rd, Snake Hollow and Skunk Hill; 

By the end of my four years in Lewisburg, 
they were all as familiar to me as the halls and buildings of campus.  

So of course a visit back for reunion meant that I had to go revisit the countryside again.

I felt sorry for fellow students who never ventured out from the town limits.
What sights they missed out on!
Farms everywhere.
"Small" farms of maybe 150 acres with huge barns and silos.
One right after another.... several usually visible within sight of each other.
Covered bridges, clear streams, apple trees, dairy cows 
and corn, corn everywhere.

If corn is supposed to be "Knee high by the fourth of July"
maybe it's on target if it's "Ankle high on the 2nd of June"
There's a large Mennonite and Amish population.  
I expect that explains why the farms are in such tip top condition. 
It's rare to see junk, trash (and surely no old vehicles!) littering up the barnyards.

I like this barn with the additions and three paint schemes....
It looks like the central portion was first and the red board section and the gambrel roof wings were added later.

Tomorrow I'll post photos of my favorite place in the county.
I tried to keep it a secret while I was there 
but it's too pretty not to share.


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