Thursday, June 6, 2013

Grove's Mill, Lewisburg PA

I love this place....
I used to drive out, park my car and follow the millrace 
back to where it joined into Buffalo Creek.

There was a tiny island there that I would wade out to 
so that I could study and sunbathe all at the same time.  
I was multitasking even back then!

And since I laid in the grass for hours at a time, 
I guess there wasn't the tick epidemic then that is in the northeast now!

Do you think anyone ever wondered what the heck that girl in the red convertible
with Louisiana license plates
was doing always hanging around out here in the middle of nowhere?
No one ever asked me what I was doing
and thank heavens I never met any fishermen when I was sunbathing on the island!

This helps with the scale of the building.
I look tiny!

It was built in 1784 and it's one of the oldest continually operating 
water powered gristmills in the country.  
It was closed when we were there on Saturday afternoon
(and seemed like it might be closed permanently), 
but my internet research says it's still open on weekdays 
and is grinding flour and cracking corn for animal feed.  
 I'm not sure what's going on with the window shown below....
it's got insulators all over the place and several little box like contraptions.....
 I only went inside a few times during college; 
I didn't have much need for livestock feed or cracked corn in those days!

And I never had the nerve to ask them to take photos of the interior.
What a shame....
But maybe one day I'll be back when someone's around.
I'd have no problem begging to be allowed to take interior photos now!
Loading doors?
Loading chute for either bags or loose corn?
 The grass was overgrown along the millrace and we needed to get back to town,
so I didn't go back to the creek ....
maybe some things are better left to memories?
More millstones ....
If you're into mills or old machinery, here's a link to a webpage with photos of the interior.


  1. really cool place. glad you got to go back.

  2. I love old buildings. I like that they have a cat to keep the critters away!

  3. Grace, I have been enjoying your trip back down memory lane, especially the photos of the old buildings and reading about your college memories. This old grist mill reminded me of one we saw someplace on our travels, I believe it was in VT. This weekend we are in PA visiting family in the Lancaster area.

  4. I love the little architectural enhancements on this great old building.


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