Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bucknell Tent Party

Heavy rain, wind and black clouds.
Sun and blue skies.
Heavy rain, wind and black clouds
Sun and blue skies.
And now it's time to insert that musical symbol for repeat  :l 

Because that's how yesterday went.... over and over.  
As soon as I was convinced  that it was going to pour forever, there came the sun for an hour or so.  
I can't get a handle on the weather here!

Here's the final post about the Bucknell reunion up in PA....

Joe was a saint to meander through several huge antique places.

But we saved enough energy for the grand finale of the weekend: The Tent Party.
We had a tent party the night before graduation 35 years ago but it was nothing like this one!  
We've come a long way baby!!

The tent itself was over the size of a football field with lighting effects, lounge furniture scattered here and there and a dance floor.  
The band was over the top good.... best party band I've ever heard!  
Can't forget the fireworks, drink and food.  
Somebody's learned how to throw parties in PA!

Also attending their reunions were ALL of the "Fives":  
i.e. 5th year, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th etc all the way to 60th and then "Emeritus"
So the tent was packed.

Fun times....
Photo Op Area in the Tent.... Backdrop is a photo of Christy Mathewson Gate

Renewing Fraternity Brother Friendships

 Now that we live closer, we'll count on going back more often!


  1. What fun times!

    As for the weather, this is such an unusual year. Have never seen this much June rain before. Makes it difficult for David to even get out and mow the lawn. And the pups and I aren't at all happy with it. Wet fur, muddy paws, smelling like dogs. Them, not me! LOL

  2. The weather has been like that here as well; dark, stormy, lots of wind. I mow one day and seems like it's growing tall the rest.

  3. Um, that would be the next.
    sheesh. I must be tired.

  4. I have never returned to my alma mater, Temple University, for any reunion and never recall receiving any notices. I attended for my final 2 years after junior college and sadly don't even know what happened to fellow classmates in the years since graduation. Nice that yiu and Joe were able to reconnect for a fun time.

  5. Sometimes reunions are nervewracking, but this sure looks like a great time.


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