Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Guest Room was Busy!

When we designed the house with an oversized guest suite downstairs, 
I said that I hoped for a constant "revolving door" stream of friends coming to visit.

Last month I finally got my wish 
when friends and family came to visit ....
one right after the other!
April was awesome!

First to come and try out the downstairs digs 
were Asher and Chris 
who drove down from Manhattan for a long weekend.

Asher got to play tour guide around his old college town and campus
and we peppered Chris with a million questions 
as we try to get to know him better.
He held up fine!  :)

Next to arrive were Brenda and Charles from Louisiana!  

The Artists Studio Tour was that weekend....

I think Brenda and Joe may have shopped at the same store for their caps!

Joe got caught up on the business scene in Baton Rouge 
and it was a total delight to tour them around the county showing things off!  

Paige made the flight from Louisiana next!!
Trees were blooming and she was here for Garden Tour weekend.

Despite getting several tick bites (one of which got infected!) 
when I took her exploring in our woods, 
she says she's coming back!  

I hated to put her on the plane when it was time for her to go home.  

It's been a quiet few weeks down in the guest room....
Who's coming next??  


  1. oh, that's awesome! one returns home to his childhood place and others come to see your new home! :) love it! (except for the tick!)

  2. So glad you got your wish! It's great to catch up with friends and family although leaving them/ their leaving is always hard.

    Great pic under that Kwanzan cherry tree! I love it when they rain pink.

    Also, I have another pic from San Diego of that same rose (in your profile). I'll pub it for you in my next posting.

  3. I love it when guests come. Then I will love it when PAYING guests come!

  4. it looks like everyone had a fabulous time...great! I've been's your friend whose husband passed away last year? She's been on my mind.

  5. Nice to share your guest visits, Grace, and so glad we were able to see the guest digs when they were being prepared. One day, we would love to return to see the finished room which is obviously being well used and enjoyed by family and friends.

  6. I hope your friend keeps an eye on that tick bite. Those can get nasty. Glad to see you blogging again.


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