Saturday, May 25, 2013

Seeing and Finally Understanding!

Back when I posted about setting up the roll top desk,
I wonder if anybody noticed the little "men" on the top?

They've been around for as long as I can remember;
so I guess that means they're from at least the 50's.
 I've got no idea of their history or origin....
They were always on a shelf somewhere
and I never gave them a second thought.

I came a cats whisker away from selling them at a garage sale
before my mother moved to the retirement community.

I'm ashamed that it took me almost 50 years to understand them.

I was debating about how much to ask for the odd little guys...
.25 cents?
And it hit me....

I got it!

I understood what they were saying!!

Take a long look.

They've each got the same load to carry.


But one choses to wear it on his back.
And has merry eyes and a cheerful grin.

But the other fellow?
The one who's wearing his burden 
like a yoke around his neck....
What a sad sack!

I'm so glad I didn't send them to the garage sale.
There's something about the face of my red-hatted friend on the left
that makes me smile right along with him.


  1. i very much like your take on them! and glad you kept them, too! so cute.

  2. Grace, love your take and think you're absolutely right! I've got Dave's great-grandfather's roll top desk and it's a treasure.

  3. Neat!!! So glad you figured this out and didn't get rid of them. What a super reminder this is for us all.

  4. Sometimes wisdom and understanding takes awhile for all of us, Grace. Thanks for sharing your "aha" moment and you should definitely hold onto these fellows.


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