Monday, June 3, 2013

Rockbridge County Advertising

If I was able to convey a little of Louisiana's character from yesterday's sign, 
then this one will give a little insight into Rockbridge County.

I was going 65 mph down Route 11 and couldn't read even one word 
of the small faint print on the handmade sign.  

But there was something about it; 
kind of like when a BBQ joint looks so bad and dumpy 
that you just KNOW that they'll make terrific ribs! 

This sign looked full of promise, so I hit the brakes turned around and was rewarded.

Here we go....
Rockbridge County in a nutshell:

Polite, unassuming  and a bit long-winded.

I don't think I'd ever seen "Please" and "Thank-you" on a For Sale sign before!

PS I blurred out the phone number to protect the innocent!  


  1. Sounds very "Waltonish". Have you seen the site of the real Walton's Mountain near Lynchburg? We had to pass it each time we traveled to daughter #2's at Lynchburg College.

  2. I think a trip to Staples is in in order for a real sign that can be read. And what were you doing 65 for? Aren't you afraid to hit a deer?

  3. Awww, it's charming!

  4. What did the house look like the person wanted to rent??


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