Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Remember Me?

Yes, I'm still alive.

Not carried away by a flock of passenger pigeons.

No computer failures, illnesses or life crises.

I've thought about the blog almost every day, 
but never kicked myself into gear sit down and write.

We've had great fun with company (more on that in a later post), 
started riding the horses again after a nine month hiatus
and of course are still dragging along with trying to get the house completed.  

Two weeks ago we popped the cork on a bottle of champagne
and celebrated with friends Barb and Rich 
with a feast beside the outdoor fireplace.

All you suffering Louisianans notice that we're wearing light sweaters in May!!  Hoorah!

So other than the glorious weather,
what were we celebrating?

We finally got approved for our Certificate of Occupancy!  

Yes, we've been "illegally" living in the house since the first of the year.

Do you think it took long enough to get our CO? 

Almost exactly two years after construction began 
and 5 months after we moved out of the horse trailer and into the house. 

We've still got loads to do to actually get the house completed
but according to the powers that be, 
we're in a livable house!

Blogging, construction.... 
Things move slowly here in Rockbridge County.  :)


  1. oh my! squatters, you were, but no more! yay!

  2. So happy to see a new post! Thanks for the brief distraction from studying!

  3. Congrats on the CO and now being legal residents in your own home, Grace. Also nice to celebrate with friends.

  4. Of course I remember you!!! And so very glad you all are "legal". :)

  5. I just love these pics.. you look relaxed and happy in that awesome place you've built.

  6. I was getting worried about you. Glad to hear it was just inertia. So glad you are no longer illegal. We spent half the day installing cabinets. That $129 per cabinet is no longer looking so ridiculous!

  7. I was beginning to think you gave up on blogging. So nice to see photos again! AND, that you are now legal!!

  8. Geez, I am sorry I missed this post! What a great thing to celebrate! Congratulations!!!


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