Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bridge, Art and Sheepdogs

What do bridge (the card game), art and sheepdogs have in common?  

It reminds me of those impossible ACT questions:
Car is to canoe as horse is to _______. 

But it's an example of how strangely varied 
one of my average days can be.

I went for a walk in the woods in the morning,
did some laundry, wrote some emails
and started doing the weekly house cleaning.
Boring normal stuff.

Then it was off to Pat's house for a game of ladies bridge.  
A fun three hours with some dear friends.

I left Pats and headed home followed by Barb 
who was in slavedriver mode.

I've been putting off unpacking the last 40 or so boxes 
which contain all of our artwork.
Artwork is a VERY grand term 
BTW for pieces that are mostly prints such as 354 out of 4,000!

Barb had finally had enough of our bare walls 
(yes after 4.5 months, they're still totally bare)
and decided that I needed help and a friendly shove into gear. 
So we gabbed and visited 
while we unpacked boxes together for several hours.

Time for the sheepdog part of the title!
Donald McCaig who wrote Nop's Trials 
and many other books, 
was speaking as one of the Friends of the Library talks that evening.

He spoke more from a dog trainer point of view than writer.  
Almost made me want to get out there and start working with Atta
or begin teaching obedience classes again.....
I said "almost"!

I stood in line for a signature on his latest book "Mr. and Mrs. Dog" 
and we talked for a minute about Dick Russell 
since I knew that they'd been acquainted.

Then it was home for a late dinner with Joe.
Like I said, it was an ordinary day.  
But even the ordinary days seem special to me. 

Is there a rule that blog posts have to have photos?  

Because I didn't shot photos at either bridge, 
during the unpacking, 
or at the lecture!

oh alright I'll throw one in... here's one I took in Louisiana last winter:

The Eye of the Donkey  (Ada's donkey)

Now the post could be called Bridge, Art, Sheepdogs and Donkeys?
And they really have nothing at all in common!


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