Sunday, April 7, 2013

No More Wardrobe Boxes.... A Master Closet at Last!

There are so many options for closets nowadays.
And true to form when presented with options,
I feel that I've got to consider them all.

I flip-flopped back and forth 
between wood installed by the original carpentry crew,
pre-fab wood "systems,"
custom wood from closet franchise type places,
or the Elfa system sold through the Container Store.

The design was a puzzle;
Those cute little windows were a thorn in my side!

Meanwhile we made do after we moved in
with a motley assortment of wire bins, laundry baskets
and a pathetic row of open topped wardrobe boxes for our hanging clothes.

The final decision was...

Everything out... 
What a mess!

Starting with the top bar which is the only thing screwed into the wall.
Everything else hangs off this bar and can be moved however you'd like...

I found the oak buffet at a flea market when I was in college 
it's always served as my dresser and was in the master closet at the old house too.

Even though it doesn't maximize the space,
there's just something homey about having it in the closet.

The Great Reveal!

The salvage doors from Caravetti's in Richmond. 


And slid open!

His and Her's sides...

 It was a cinch to install,
looks downright elegant and is solid.
Big thumbs up from us for Elfa and Container Store!

Open or closed, 
the closet looks as good as we'd hoped and
I didn't have to paint anything!!!!!


  1. Ok since you and Joe have some experience in closets we will seek out your advice when we get to that stage. Yours look very nice, Grace and with lots of room.

  2. That looks great. I am not a clothes horse, or anything, but I love a large and organized closet. We have the same decision to make when we get to the closet for the basement. I think maybe something from Home Depot. By then we will be tired of spending and our Master closet is already great!

  3. Looks very nice! Our closets have a high wood rod and yesterday David hung some belt hangers behind the door on the closet wall. He also wants to add a lower rod, at least on one side of his closet and I'm considering having one added as well. Not huge closets but much better than in the last house. Glad you made the right decision for you. Happiness is having a closet that works for you.

  4. It turned out beautiful! Wish I had a big walk-in closet. Have a great weekend!

  5. Grace, I can read right through this and know that you're putting your best effort into pretending you're happy not painting, and I'm proud of you! Don't worry, I think you'll find something to paint before too long. :)

  6. Grace hope you and Joe are doing well. House is beautiful. You guys have really worked hard. We have missed your post lately. Look forward to new pics of house and land.


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