Sunday, April 7, 2013

No More Wardrobe Boxes.... A Master Closet at Last!

There are so many options for closets nowadays.
And true to form when presented with options,
I feel that I've got to consider them all.

I flip-flopped back and forth 
between wood installed by the original carpentry crew,
pre-fab wood "systems,"
custom wood from closet franchise type places,
or the Elfa system sold through the Container Store.

The design was a puzzle;
Those cute little windows were a thorn in my side!

Meanwhile we made do after we moved in
with a motley assortment of wire bins, laundry baskets
and a pathetic row of open topped wardrobe boxes for our hanging clothes.

The final decision was...

Everything out... 
What a mess!

Starting with the top bar which is the only thing screwed into the wall.
Everything else hangs off this bar and can be moved however you'd like...

I found the oak buffet at a flea market when I was in college 
it's always served as my dresser and was in the master closet at the old house too.

Even though it doesn't maximize the space,
there's just something homey about having it in the closet.

The Great Reveal!

The salvage doors from Caravetti's in Richmond. 


And slid open!

His and Her's sides...

 It was a cinch to install,
looks downright elegant and is solid.
Big thumbs up from us for Elfa and Container Store!

Open or closed, 
the closet looks as good as we'd hoped and
I didn't have to paint anything!!!!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Old Geezers

I had a post all prepared last week.
A day in advance which was a real first for me!
And then.....

When we started thinking about moving, 
it was shocking how many people asked us 
"How's the medical care there in rural VA?"

Geez are we that old?
Nobody's asking about the nightlife?
Quite a few people asked about whether
we were going to put an elevator in the house.
I mean do we look like old geezers or what?

Humph we thought.... 
What do we need to worry about all that for?
We're both the picture of health, no vices, no meds.
Perfect cholesterol, great blood pressure, 
normal blood sugar..... 
boring, boring, boring.

So let's just say that that adage about 
"All (good?) things come to he who waits"
has come to pass here in VA.

Joe had two ER visits 
and then finally a trip to Roanoke 
where he had a heart catheterization last week.

All's well,
no interventions such as stents, balloons etc were necessary 
but he needs to start working with a cardiologist
to be proactive 
and not let the moderate blockages that he has get worse.

He's lucky.
I'm lucky.  
And hopefully it was a wakeup call 
for us to kick up our already fairly healthy lifestyle 
several big notches.

Few things are worse about droning on over medical issues.
So that's all I'm saying about the week.

No photos of Joe in his hospital gown
Aren't you all glad?