Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Desk Nook

In the 70's when I was in high school, 
my mother announced that my old bedroom furniture 
was in need of going to GoodWill.

I had recently gotten my drivers license, 
so she told me to go to Kornmeyers, 
 which was the large local furniture store in Baton Rouge,
and browse....
Get some ideas and then bring her for a "look-see" at what I'd found.

I'll bet she thought I'd lost my marbles 
when I excitedly drove her out the next week- 
not to Kornmeyers, 
but to two shabby and dusty antique stores.

I still have the four pieces we bought that day....
a dainty mahogany four poster bed, 
a sewing table/nightstand, a bookcase, 
and an oak roll-top desk.

Last week Joe and I set about reassembling the desk.
It unbolts in order to come to apart in 5 sections, 
and had been dismantled since the move from Louisiana.

There are hidden drawers.....

(supposedly all roll tops have several hidden compartments)

And since it's "original" there are plenty of scratches and mars.

But it's as solid as a tank
 and has room to spare for all of my stationery, papers and desk tools.

At 4' wide and 3' deep, it takes up a lot of real estate,
so I decided against putting it in the downstairs study
and making it share space with Joe's desk.

And truth be told I wanted a space of my own too. 
So I'm making my "office" in the alcove at the bottom of the staircase.
Nothing on the walls yet and I'm looking for a rug, but
here's my nook.....

No more blogging from the sofa, easy chair or kitchen island!!!!

That's the door to the basement storage room
so I'm tucked away and not really in the hallway.
I can roll my chair back a few inches, 
 to look through the center hall glass doors and see the hills.

It may be an antique,
but it isn't stuck on needing carbon paper or an inkwell....

It can handle the latest fashions with style!


  1. nice! i'm glad you've kept it all these years and it made the move. looks great there!

  2. I remember that little nook at the bottom of the stairs and you saying it would be your space. I think it's important for couples to have separate office space. David and I could never share because for his coding work he requires quiet and THAT I am not. LOL

  3. New things are nice in a new place, Grace, but there's comfort in saving some treasured pieces to share the new space. We also plan to save some pieces that have more sentimental value than worth. Your desk looks right at home, now (again).

  4. It looks great !!! Oh how I love your home ! I m your newest reader so look me up thelittlewhitehouse-andy@blogspot.com ! I hope your having a great week !

  5. I love old furniture the BESTEST.

  6. Cozy corner with your beautiful old desk. What a good idea!


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