Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Late Spring Snow

It's a happy town here....
People smile on the streets 
and store owners take the time to visit as you check out.
There are so many conversations going on in the aisles of the Kroger
that it can be hard to get your shopping done!

There was only a small amount 
of good natured grumbling 
about the late spring snow.

The power stayed on.
Most of the kids were out on spring break anyway.
So what if we had to cancel our invitation to 6 friends 
who were coming over to play cards?

who could not appreciate the beauty of waking up to this?....

The fence posts all wore caps....

There were low clouds for much of the morning 
that hid the mountains
and made us concentrate on the beauty close at hand....
Yes, even the pile of construction debris
looked better!

Since I have no flowers or garden yet, 
I wasn't bothered by the late frost nipping vegetables or seedlings.

Zero complaints from this Louisiana transplant!


  1. Beautiful! And spring will be just as lovely -- garden or not. :)

  2. We really had no complaints either. Just take photos of it and enjoy is my attitude. :)

  3. The snow makes everything so much nicer ! I love the one with the fence post !!! Have a great day

  4. We have lived in California and Hawaii. We came here for the seasons and try to enjoy them all. Winter snow is so much better with power!

  5. Shenandoah Snow...is there anything prettier?


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