Friday, March 15, 2013

Hello Old Friends! The Books Are Unpacked!

We're back to being paying customers of the electric company!
After 5 nights and 4+ days with no electricity, 
the bucket trucks "found" our road 
and quickly had our electric meter humming again.

It came back on about 2 hours 
before 15 people arrived for a potluck dinner and meeting;
talk about good timing!

How about a house update?
Look what came out of hiding last month!
The books!!!!

It looked like a Barnes and Noble 
exploded in the downstairs hallways
as I sorted and unboxed....

The fiction books claimed the stairwell.
Yes, I arranged them in alphabetical order by author....
Go ahead and laugh!
There are still about 30 novels residing in the To-Be-Read stack
which has been growing faster than it's been shrinking.  :)

They keep following me home!!  
My first job post-college was as a buyer for a local independent bookstore.  
I loved that job.... until it was sold out to Books-A-Million,  
Though I'd have officially been a manager with BAM,  
I thought of it as taking a demotion.
I enjoyed the decisions involved with buying
and the interaction with the publishers reps;
becoming an "unpacker" of books sent via a corporate office 
wasn't my idea of a rewarding job, 
so I reluctantly changed careers.
Just think how many books 
I'd have if I'd been working at bookstore for the past 35 years!

Decisions, decisions while arranging the nonfiction....
 Should Out of Africa go in Memoirs or Adventure/Travel?  
Does a book about historic barns belong in the section for Architecture or Horses?  
The blue tape in this photo is covering up the hole for the second return air grille.
One of the grilles arrived warped and needed to be returned; 
Noel decided that walking about within the ductwork of the house 
(between the floors!)
was just the adventure for a little tabby cat.

The creaking and noises had us flummoxed for several hours
before we realized that she was awol 
and cruising in the ducts!

Once we'd fished her out,
we taped up her access route to the hidden world!

The children's books 
as well as the Civil War history books of my father's.
are still boxed up waiting for shelves
.... and grandkids?  

I've had free time to read again since the first of the year
so the To-Be-Read stack is starting to dwindle!

You know what that will mean?? 
Time to get more books!!


  1. oh my gosh! your books are exploding out everywhere!

    good save on the electricity!

  2. OMG... kitty in the ducts! Sounds like the title for a fun book! LOL

  3. OH, I am in love with your book cases!!!.. what a clever idea, in the stair landing.. absolutely LOVE IT!!.... actually I'm in love with your house too, is it ok to covet your house?

  4. I arrange my books that was, too!!! So I'm not laughing (my spices are arranged alphabetically as well) ;)

    The house is beautiful! Now maybe you'll find some time to read.

    PS If you're like me, BAM would have been about the right number if you had worked there!

  5. I love all your bookcases! In a perfect world I would have one of those two story libraries with a ladder that rolled along the floor and I would never have to get rid of a book to fit in a book! (And I could house my trashy romance paperbacks behind a reference section so no one would know my secret pleasure!)

  6. Glad you got power again, Grace. That sure was a long time to be out and I wondered if it was because of the location or if the power company was just overloaded with calls. The bookcases look great with all the books filling them in and yes, it did look like a book store dumped a delivery. We cut down on our keeper books and now rely on ones from the library or thrift store sales.

  7. So many books, so little time!! Love your library!!


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