Tuesday, March 5, 2013

February Catch Up... Back to Louisiana

I've let most of February and some of March 
slide into memories without a post, 
so I'll indulge in an ancient history recap that hits a few highlights. 

February saw us reconnecting with life at our church.  
The necessity of painting and staining on Sundays was past 
and it was time to get back into the groove of regular attendance plus
and taking part in special services and talks.
Atta in the Church Courtyard (Last Fall)
Sure enough we're hearing quite a bit of "Are you folks new or visiting?"
It's pretty embarrassing to reply that we've been members for almost 18 months!  

While everyone in Louisiana was celebrating Mardi Gras, 
I went to a Shrove Tuesday brown bag lunch. 
Poor Virginia.... 
Shrove Tuesday with it's pancake suppers is a sad substitute for Mardi Gras! 
Sunset from the Kitchen Window

We're still unpacking and working on the house, 
but we're finding time to cook up a storm in the kitchen in order to have friends over,
play cards, go to concerts and talks
and in short do everything we'd like except ride our much neglected horses.
Hopefully this will be the month that we'll make time to get back in our saddles again!

Proving that you can indeed "go home again" (or at least almost home again),
I made a solo trip back to Louisiana in February 
for the annual high school "girls" weekend at Carol B's camp.
Field at Carol B's Camp
I missed last year's reunion and haven't been back to Zachary since the move, 
so I stretched the weekend into a full week's vacation!

Flying INTO New Orleans on the day after Mardi Gras 
is a sure way to score a last minute cheap ticket!

It was a week long virtual marathon of eating 
(BBQ, catfish poboys, crawfish, beignets, trout.....)
and talking until I was hoarse.

I haven't stayed up until 1-2 AM so many nights in a row since I was taking finals in college!

I truly regretted not having time to see more friends.
But I hope everyone knows that the planes fly both directions!
And I'm sure I'll be back.

I was so busy that I rarely remembered to get out my phone or camera for photos.
So no photos of people here, because like an Oscar speech, 
I don't want to be guilty of leaving anyone out!
Eye of the Donkey @ Ada's
I didn't go by the old house. 
Although I'd come 1,000 miles, 
I stayed in the front of the neighborhood 
and didn't venture that last half a mile down our old street....

I'd be delighted to hear from the new owners, 
but they haven't contacted us, so dropping in or planning a short visit wasn't an option.
And besides, this trip was all about reconnecting with friends,
not visiting my camellias!

Hmmmm, guess they aren't "my" camellias anymore!

I did a lot of wheedling and twisting of arms 
trying to convince friends to visit us here in Virginia
Time will tell if I was successful!

The forecast is for snow tomorrow!!! 
I'm about the only person in the county who is thrilled 
because I still feel that my winter experiences here have been shortchanged!
Three measly snows does not a Virginia winter make!  


  1. Welcome back to the blog-o-sphere! You sound busy and happy and moving from painter, stainer, unpacker, to resident, neighbor and , no longer the newbie. Our winter here has been light as well in the snow department, only 85 inches total. (Usually it is well over 115-120 inches).
    So happy you had a delightful visit back to LA.Here's hoping you get back in the saddle again! Hugs!!!

  2. so glad things are starting to 'settle in' a bit and you can resume having a new life there. :) but glad you were able to touch base with your old one, too.

  3. Nice to find this recent post, Grace. Now that your forever-long work days are fading, I know you and Joe are having fun relaxing and unwinding. I can understand about not going to visit your former LA home. Once we finally do relocate, we don't plan to look back and aside from a couple of dear friends here, there is nothing that would take us back to the VA eastern shore. Reconnecting friends is way more important than seeing buildings anyway; glad you did that in grand style!


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