Sunday, March 24, 2013

Between Shepherd Ears.... Spring??

Didn't we have the first day of spring a while ago?

A gentle snow has been falling for most of the day.  

Joe kindly swept out the satellite dish for me, 
so I'm typing as fast as I can to get this post completed
before it fills up with snow again.
No wind and really not cold.
But coming down just thickly enough that we're in a white cocoon
with none of our usual views.

I love it and so does Atta....

She'd stay out romping and hunting rabbits all day if I let her....


  1. oh, she's really cute!!! adorable!

  2. Wahoo! Y'all can have it. Miss Louisiana yet? :) SE Georgia received that same amount in liquid form only. Our rain gauge was over 5 inches in just a matter of hours. Yowza.
    Have a blessed day! Stay warm.
    (I just popped over from Thistle Farm's blog) ~:)

  3. Our pups adored the snow today too. The snow fell so prettily today, just gently to the ground.

  4. Lovely view, Grace, we only had a dusting which turned to sleet and now an all day rain. Atta looks like a happy dog.

  5. Beautiful pictures !!! Have a great start to your week

  6. In the snow your dog looks kind of like a wolf. Kind of cool!

  7. Atta must be in dog heaven with the snow and rabbit scents!


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