Friday, March 8, 2013

A Powerless Feeling

We had dinner with friends in town on Tuesday night 
and when we left to drive home, the snow had just begun.

By the time we were 2 miles from home it was falling so thickly that we could hardly see to drive!

We woke up to a beautiful sight of  8" of lovely snow blanketing the fields and house. 
We took Atta on one long walk down the lane, 
but otherwise it was a perfect day to stay holed up inside 
and enjoy the view from the comfort of the house.  

Do you want to know one of my favorite things about the new house?

The generator!

Yes, after just a few hours of snowfall,
 our power went out and it's still out three full days later!

The generator is big enough to run the sewer (VERY important!), 
well pump (almost as important!),
 a hot water heater, the refrigerator, stove, microwave,
 a few wall outlets (the coffee pot outlet!)
and scattered lights here and there in the house.  

Despite the fact that we can't run our main heat, 
the house is staying at a constant temperature 
with just a little help from the space heaters,
that we're turning on and off throughout the day.

So we're warm and comfortable and not lacking for much.

I'm not crying yet over the fact that I can't do laundry and vacuum!  :)

According to the BARC website there are only a few hundred people left without power,
but I refuse to complain.
It could be much much worse and we've very fortunate!

Off to bed....

My fingers are crossed that the power will be back on tomorrow!  


  1. My brother lives in Waynesboro and his power was out for 36 hours. Unfortunately he does not have a generator. Thank goodness you have one, mainly for coffee!! Good luck.

  2. David hard wired our generator into the house too... so now we sell it and move on to another home later this month. Hoping he will hardwire our generator in there also since that location always gets more snow than where we are now. We had 3 inches of snow and it's gone gone gone!

  3. oh, glad you were well prepared, under the circumstances!

  4. I envy you that generator. It is on my wish list.

  5. Hi Grace, I have been reading all your posts, backwards to now, which is March 8th. I can't believe I have missed so much of your blog. I am finally caught up with you. Do you think it odd that I have read all these posts?? I enjoyed every one! Hugs to you.


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