Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Trailer life... again!

After my last post about our snowfall,
we've had some crazy cold days and nights down in the single digits.
Thankfully the house stays warm and isn't drafty.

We're still waiting on the glass doors for the fireplace in the den 
so we haven't been able to enjoy a fire inside yet.
But the outside fireplace is a real treat.  

We needed warm weather to come back though so
that the staircase railings and bannisters
could get their final coat of stain.

The odor of this particular oil based stain,
which we got it through our cabinet maker since it isn't sold to regular folks,
is so horrendous
that we knew that we'd need to spend a night or two in the RV of the horse trailer again.

And we feared that we'd be frozen popsicles
if we tried to sleep out there when it was in the teens or lower!
The trailer has a heater,
but ZERO insulation..... and aluminum gets mighty cold!

Yes, we're trailer folk again 
Attagirl, Noel, Joe and I .....
living out on the driveway,
but just for one more night.

It was that or sleep in our respirators!


  1. The fireplace looks great. I had our chimera going the other day on the patio. Congrats,on becoming "podless". We are so remote we can't even get one. The view from your deck is even better in snow, and the pink sunrise is a good reason to get up.

  2. yeah, you don't want to be messing with those fumes! yikes!

  3. I vote for the trailer too! Love the outdoor fireplace... what a great thing for a home to have. It is supposed to be warm here tonite I think but sounds like a storm may be on the way Wednesday night.... Take care and will be thinking of you and your popsicle noses... LOL

  4. WE've thought of putting an outdoor fireplace in too, love the idea - the trailer in the cold, not sooo much. :-)

  5. A smal sacrifice for what is to come!

  6. Too bad about those fumes, but I am sure the finished product will be all the more satisfying for having slept in a cold trailer.
    We are having strange weather up here, from frigid, icy days to today's high of 61 degrees. I hope your weather evens out a bit soon, though February can be rough. Good luck!

  7. ugh. nothing like a nasty smell to make you re-evaluate your plan.

  8. Be careful. Some of that stuff can make you very sick.


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