Monday, January 14, 2013

Back to the Fumes...

I'm "employed" again.
Back to painting!

Note the steely concentration of the master painter at work!  :)
(Yes I forgot the respirator for awhile)

It was harder than I thought to get back into the groove.

True confession:  during the first day spent sanding trim primer coats, 
I was grumpy and as bristly as a porcupine.
Sorry Joe.  

During our 3 week hiatus, 
we've been enjoying dinners with friends, bridge games, movies, strolls around town etc.

Sunrises and sunsets on the porch have been showstoppers!

It hasn't been all play, there have been subcontractors doing work, 
boxes to unpack, 
windows to scrape and clean.... 

But I've avoided the basement as though there were a dragon down there.
When really there is just a little dust and some blotchy primer.  

The first room in my sights is the study.
Ages ago, before the trim was hung, 
I had painted what I thought was the first coat of paint on the walls
"Elephant Tusk," which I expected to be a muted khaki beige, 
looked way too yellow in real life.
I'd hoped that after the crown molding was painted, it would look better.
But even after that it was sort of "nursery yellow."

The benefit of being my own painter is that I didn't pay anybody for my mistake.
Except for the horribly expensive waste 
of a couple of gallons of Benjamin Moore paint, 
I can shrug my shoulders and make it go away.  

The first lines of a new color look so alarmingly out of place.
It's funny how you're swayed by the color contrasts.  

It's a way better color for the study.
Sag Harbor Gray.  
Which I'd never call "gray" in a million years.

No painting today.
It's been a nice break doing a blog post, 
 but it's back to my Monday cleaning day.

It's a gray drizzly day here and perfect for staying inside.
Tonight we're going to see if Joe's first attempt at DVR recording yesterday was a success.....
Downton Abbey!
I'm awfully worried about poor Mr. Bates .....


  1. you had a nice break of getting to enjoy life. now it's back to work again! poor you! but for such a wonderful cause!

  2. Are you still worried about Mr. Bates? I am worried about Edith. Poor thing. Love the paint color... the Sag Harbor Gray. Much nicer than the light yellow. :)

  3. I love that color! OK I missed something.. Mr. Bates.. Edith? I'll have to figure it

  4. Nice to read that you and Joe had some great breaks, Grace. That new color looks wonderful as does the molding. Thanks for letting us know that burying the statue worked for you...there's hope!

  5. Wow, looking good! I hope that you soon have it all well in hand and can settle down into your new life in VA.

  6. I figure Mr. Bates will get out, but only after letting us agonize over it a season or two. Our next visit to our daughter in England may include a visit to Highclere.

    I am worried about painting our basement. Bad enough to do the work myself. Don't want to repaint it myself if I pick the wrong colors. I would be very grumpy, too! Did you paint your ceilings? The plasterers say it isn't necessary.....

  7. Beautiful color, that sag harbor gray, I really like it! So glad to hear you have had a good break from the work. The picture out the window of that mountain in the distance: that mountain is remarkably similar to Diamond Head on Oahu! Which is perfect because I'd say you have a wonderful piece of paradise there in your beautiful place!

  8. Hope you're excited about the impending MEASURABLE SNOW!!!!!! NWS says 2-6" Dave and I have a bet. 4 or less, I win. 4 or more, he wins. Better not be 4 exactly - no winners in that!


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