Sunday, January 20, 2013

First Snow of the Year

Last winter was milder than many a Louisiana winter, 
and the lack of cold this year had me wondering if it was ever going to snow.

My Louisiana snowfalls were few and far between so 
I was as anxious to experience a Virginia snowfall 
as a kid waiting for Christmas.

And finally!!....
The snow on Thursday began with huge wet flakes
Just before sunset, it began to come down so thickly
that you could barely see past our woods line 
We didn't last long outside!
Most of my watching was done from the kitchen window while I cooked dinner.

I'm not a morning person, but the next morning it was worth getting up early enough 
to see the pink sunrise hitting the mountains.

We're living in Paradise.... no doubt about it.

Atta and I went for an early morning walk along our road.
These are two of the mountains we can see from the end of the driveway.

 The first time that we came to look at the land, 
I fell in love with little gravel road that we now live on. 
It just felt "right." 
 Crisp and clear and I could see for miles...
We could have walked longer, 
but my paint brushes were calling and I had work to do.
Even though I was down in the basement painting most of the day,
there was plenty of time to stare out the windows 
at the beautiful countryside!
I love this place!


  1. that's just gorgeous! congratulations on your first beautiful snowfall. :)

  2. Glorious photos of a beautiful Virginia mountain snow. I love your curvy little road, too. Atta looks great in snow!

  3. Wasn't the pink sky simply incredible!! Most gorgeous sky I have seen in the five winters we have lived here. So glad you captured the views. I always love the snow, even if it does mean a bit of wet paws running through the house. Wouldn't have it any other way. :) Your little road is just so sweet.

  4. Grace, It makes me happy that you love living in Virginia; it's my birthplace and where I now live as well. I've lived other places, but always come home to Virginia. Have you heard the saying, "Southern by birth, Virginian by the grace of God"? It always makes me smile.

  5. Just thought you might enjoy knowing that as I went past your place on my way line dancing this evening, there was a little group of 6 young deer prancing gracefully single file up your driveway. They asked me to thank you for creating such a fine path to the road!

  6. Beautiful snow photos! That beautiful pink on the mountain tops is called alpine glow!

  7. Beautiful images, Grace, and I can recall those mountains from our last fall visit. How beautiful they are in the early morning glow and with trees coved in snow.

  8. Such a beautiful driveway! And what a beauty to be greeted by
    in the morning.


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