Sunday, December 16, 2012

Weekend Work

This morning, Joe unearthed the coffee pot from the storage pod 
and when I walked over to the house, 
I was greeted by the smell of fresh brewed coffee in the kitchen!

Our plumber and electrician were both working today 
trying their best to help us get closer to the elusive occupancy certificate.

The old treadle cabinet from a local antique mall has been reincarnated
 as the half bath vanity.
The modern wading pool sink installed today, 
keeps it from being too stodgy.
And yes, the toilet works!!
Half Bath with Treadle cabinet

The newels in the foyer mean that the stairs still aren't completed,
but there's hope.
Foyer with bookcases (no vent covers)

The stair builder arrived back in town on Saturday night
and has been finalizing details for the handrail and ballusters.
Staicase looking down at winders and bookshelves

We had a longlist of chores to get done this weekend, 
and miraculously 
(and thanks to the help of friends who spent 4 hours helping us move furniture) 
we were able to get it all done.

The bulk of our furniture has been under plastic sheeting
iin the center of the bedrooms for the past 7 weeks.
We had to get it out moved out into bathrooms and halls
in preparation for the carpet which is arriving tomorrow.

All three bedrooms rooms and their closets have the final coats of paint. 
Walls, trim, doors, windows, you name it.... 

Master bedroom
I'd thought that at least one of the bedrooms would hold me up
and so I wasn't certain that I'd be able to get it done.
Yep, I proud of myself!

The electrical work and plumbing is all completed in those areas too
so with only a few small exceptions,
we'll be able to keep them off limits 
to construction traffic.

Bring on the carpet!

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  1. I love the colors in the Master Bedroom and the incredible view!
    You are getting so close!! Almost there. Can't wait to see the stairs done and the carpeting.


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