Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tapered Column Wall

It may not look ready for Christmas company, 

but when I put the second coat on the baseboards of the guest room today, 
I crossed that room off my list of things to do!

"F"inished painting another room!
I love that F word!

I'm not promising sheets or a working refrigerator at Christmas, 
but there is paint on the walls of the guest room!

And yes the whole crew is coming here!  

It's still primer white in the other bedroom with raw crown molding
and more hours of work than I have time for 
before I meet the first flight at the airport.

I keep telling them to pack their senses of humor;
I hope they believe me.
Today I worked on door and cased opening oak trim 
in the kitchen, drop zone and half bath
While I'd love to show off, there's no way to take a photo of a coat of satin polyurethane 
or shellac sealcoat.  

But how about something pretty?
I promised photos of what I didn't show yesterday 
over on the other side of the den

The colonnade wall separating the dining room is in!   
Den, Tapered Colonnade Wall and Dining Room   (French door to porch opened inside) 
They're some serious tapered columns!
Looking into the kitchen from the den
And in the space between the foyer, den and stairwell....

The holes that look like little bird houses at the bottom of the shelves
will be cut out for vents for air returns.  
Foyer with bookshelves
But the columns are stealing the show

 Like everything else in the house,
They're larger than you might expect
But somehow are exactly the right size for the space.

Here's a peak at the kitchen through the dining room.
I'll aim for some kitchen photos tomorrow!


  1. I recall that you had mentioned there would be columns installed and gosh, they are fabulous!

  2. your home is magnificent! already!

  3. I love all of that woodwork. It is beautiful! Wow.

  4. OMG!!! It's finally coming all together. I know how proud you and Joe must be. It won't be long and you will have up Christmas decorations. Unfortunately, we won't. As you may remember we worked on the kitchen side of the house last year. Well, we are working on the bedroom side now. This was not planned!! The duct work started to separate and drip down on to the ceiling and through the light fixtures. What a mess.
    I know our work won't be a dramatic as yours. Who can tell when sheetrock is redone. Thanks for keeping us up on your progress. I just got back from an 11 day trip to Rome, Italy. Unbelieveable!! Words cannot possibly describe what I saw. Take care....Love you, Suzanne

  5. You are going to end up with one seriously beautiful home.


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