Sunday, December 16, 2012

Refrigerator Transformation

I refuse to let another morning slide past without a blog post!

We've taken two evenings for ourselves this week:  
one for bridge (fun as always) 
and another where we "entertained" 
by making soup on the new stove for Barb and Rich.  

After our dinner, 
seated in the plastic chairs amongst the construction debris, 
we walked next door to the Krantz where I was reminded of why I moved here.

  Four pianos playing simultaneously with  over 100 people singing Christmas carols.  
An evening of pure delight and a wonderful break from our chores.

So what have I been doing the last few days?  

Prepping the newels for the return of our stair builder, 
frantically trying to get the basement bedroom painted so that the carpet can be installed, 
polyurethaning loads of trim and doors upstairs, 
and refinishing the hall bathroom vanity so that it can accept the sink.  

Plus about 100 other things and "fires" to be put out.

We've had some disasters and dilemmas (snowguards and stairs to name two).
 Still no Occupancy certificate, but we're crawling along toward the final days.

The half bath has a toilet!!  Hooray!

My only photo to share is how the refrigerator went from this 

to this!!  


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