Sunday, December 9, 2012

Kitchen Chaos

How about some photos of the kitchen?
I guess one photo is all you need to see the whole thing?
The little kitchen in the trailer is getting a workout.
I'll hardly know what to do with all of the elbow room waiting for me 
across the driveway at the "big" house.

It's every bit as cluttered as the trailer kitchen....  
(that's the vanity for the half bath and the top of a china cabinet
crunched up by the island)
But with the soaring rafters and picture window they won't be easily confused!

The blue board is doing a good job of protecting the soapstone counters
and the Marmoleum floor is hopefully faring well underneath the Ramboard cardboard.

The Capital Culinarian range is a beauty and much to my surprise 
was installed without huge amount of difficulty 
or hernias to the crew (all 700 plus pounds!)

The backsplash makes me smile each time I enter the kitchen,
it adds just the right amount of color to the room.
Last night after the paint brushes were cleaned and the windows rehung,
I "cooked" on the range for the first time!  
OK so it was canned Progresso Tomato Basil Soup...
but I did add some frozen tortellini!  

It was a little silly to schlep a pot, potholder, bowls, spoons etc over to the house 
just to warm up canned soup,
but it was fun nonetheless!
After dinner I tried out the new Whirly-Pop popcorn popper.
It wasn't a gourmet meal (or even a very nutritious one) 
but after a 12 hour workday, 
it tasted delicious
and we both declared it a successful first meal on the new range.

The trailer sink is about the size of the center section of the new sink!  

 It's hard to be patient and not be cleaning and filling up drawers
but there's no point in spending time to spruce it up just to have it trashed the next day.

 We're not ready for cooking Christmas dinner that's for sure!
Leaks under the sink, refrigerator still not operational, 
no knobs or drawer pulls,
wires hanging out and junk everywhere.

But we do have some neat little things hiding amid the clutter....
Now you see it....

Now you don't!  
Pop Up "Mocketts" in the kitchen windowsill!


  1. your first meal in the house! i think that was perfect. :)

  2. I have been checking in often, but I go a few days without checking, and here are three posts I missed!!! So good to hear and see the updates. I am tickled you two got make some soup on your new beautiful stove. The kitchen is going to be so warm and welcoming, cheerful and inviting! So much work every day!! It must seem like this has been going on for years, with more years to go! But it is coming together slowly but surely, and soon your house will be filled with loved ones! How exciting! Looking forward to more photos and adventures! Take care, rest well!

  3. Grace, I'm thinking a slow cooker is one of your best friends these days...? It's an adventure, enjoy it while it's happening.


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