Saturday, December 8, 2012

It's almost time for the F word!

Is anybody still there?  
Right off the bat, I'll apologize to everyone for not responding to emails 
and reading/commenting at fellow bloggers sites. 
If only I could add a few more hours to a day....

Life in the trailer continues to be just fine.
We're snug (that's a nice way of saying shoehorned in here like sardines in a can),
 but all joking aside, we're warm and dry and together 
so I won't complain.  

Across the driveway from the trailer at the "big house" it's been a madhouse this week. 
Central vac, alarm, tile, HVAC, 
porch railings, appliances, exterior paint, 
and floors
were just a sampling of what was being 
tweaked, finished and worked on this week.  

In addition to all these new folks coming on the scene,
 the plumber, electrician and carpenters 
as well as the 2 man crew of "Slow-Painters-R-Us"
 have still been hard at work.

Who'd have thought?
I can almost say the "F" word about a room?!!  

The mirror is scheduled to be installed next week.
The knobs are ready and waiting...
And that's ALL that's lacking in the Master Bathroom.

The "F"word?

Can you believe it?  
It won't be long before the grimy protective floor covering can get thrown away 
and I can unearth some towels from a box somewhere and relax in the tub!

Hopefully I can get in at least one hot soak before everyone arrives for Christmas!

After wasting paint and time with the first coat of Navajo White (too yellow), 
the walls now sport a final coat of BM Grant Beige.

The shower doors, recessed lights and vanity lights were installed.
I've scraped and cleaned the windows after their final coat of BM Feather Down paint.

The tile is beyond beautiful, 
thanks to Johnny Swain and Jesus .... no I'm not praying to the tile gods.
Jesus is Johnny's assistant! 

The master bedroom is also completed with the ceiling fan hung, 
windows and doors all finished and hardware on....
All it lacks is the carpet which is scheduled to be installed shortly before Christmas.  

Three coats of Waterlox sealer were put on the oak floors in the den, foyer, dining room and stairs.
I thought that the stain that we used on the doors and trim was smelly, 
Stairwell window, bookcases on landing and foyer
No railings or upper newels yet.
Looking down the stairs.... four huge winders and the bookshelves
but the odor of the Waterlox was almost as potent and lingered longer.  
View looking up the stairs from basement.  No stain yet on tapered columns
The rest of the house is a far cry from being finished, 
but at least our bedroom gives me hope that one day
I can retire my work clothes and start unpacking!    

It's after midnight, 
so that's it for today.  

I'm challenging myself to do a post a day over next 2 weeks.

Check in tomorrow for photos of the huge change
over on the other side of the den!


  1. Everything is absolutely awesome, love your flooring, your tile choices, the color scheme... THE VIEW!!! Omg.

  2. Looking wonderful can't wait for our first dinner with out paint clothes! Hang in there you'll have that CO in no time.

  3. i can't wait until you can say the other 'f' word - FURNITURE! :)

  4. Hi Grace, so glad I checked in at the blog tonight. The bathroom is so amazingly luxurious looking and HOW great that first soak will be for sure. And, the wood floors and those bookcases were terrific to see from our "preview" a couple of months ago. Hope all continues to move along so that soon your "F" word will be in ALL caps.


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