Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I Quit!

As of 10 pm tonight (Tuesday), 
I've quit my job as lead painter/sander/caulker etc.

Or not maybe I shouldn't say "quitting"....
 I'm taking a holiday. 

Tonight I clambered up on the rolling scaffold and 
gave the den and foyer their final paint coats.  

But now I'm going cold turkey 
and hanging up my brushes and grubby clothes for the week.

What's done is done and what isn't done will hold until after January 1st.  
It's time to focus on Christmas and the impending arrival of 6 family members!!

Prepare to be shocked, 
but first I'm taking a few hours for myself and getting my haircut,
then I'll putter around town looking for a Christmas gifts.  
Maybe I'll even go to the coffee shop and enjoy a latte.  

There's still no Occupancy Certificate.
I don't know where the pillow and sheets are for different beds.
Heck I don't even know where I'm going to put beds.
There are showers, but no soap or towels.
I still haven't tested out the oven and haven't unpacked any kitchen boxes.
I don't have any wrapping paper or even any presents to wrap.
The refrigerator is literally empty.  

But who cares?  Not me!
I've got "kids" coming and I'm literally a happy camper!
Somehow it will all work out.
Woohoo!!  It's Christmas!!


  1. Please . . . . NO, I can't finish this without you !!!!!!! Where in the world (except Sonora CA) would I find a woman/wife capable/willing to do all that you have done/are doing. I'll see you back on the ladder next year !

  2. Good for you! You and your husband so deserve a break. And your family will pitch a tent if they have to. As you say, all will work out. How exciting to have them come and see the house at Christmas. Enjoy, have fun, relax (you remember that word?) Happy Happy Holidays!!!

  3. Great job!!! So worth it. And soooo beautiful. have a wonderful family filled joyful holiday in that beautiful beautiful place.

  4. Good for you, Grace, taking the Christmas holidays off and maybe Joe will too. You could sure use Santa to help finish those shopping and wrapping chores, but sure everything will get done and you will have a wonderful family holiday on the new home. Just tell everyone to bring towels and maybe sheets and blankets too...merry Christmas!

  5. What HAS to happen before occupancy??? You're so close it hurts me!

  6. OK, you two. I'm starting to suffer from withdrawal! December 18 was almost 2 weeks ago. Eager to hear how your first Christmas in or around or about your house went. Love, Linda

  7. January 2, 2013. I am here to see what the heck is going on there on The Hill! How was Christmas? Did everybody have a place to sleep? Did you cook in the kitchen? Has it snowed a lot? Have you completely quit? As in blogging?? Good grief, you have left us all hanging. Inquiring minds want to know......how is EVERYTHING??

    (Happy New Year, and all the best to you both, Hugs from Robin. I miss you)

  8. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year; glad you took some time for you and the family!


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