Sunday, November 4, 2012

Our Home on the Driveway

Not everyone knows what a "living quarters" horse trailer looks like, 
 so here's our new home out by the garage.

It's used for horse "camping" and overnight trips only 
since we have a smaller 2 horse trailer 
that we use for close to home day trips with the horses. 

It's sort of funny that we're actually taking the term
"living quarters trailer" literally! 
For now it's a full time home for the four of us.

I'm guessing that we'll be out here on the driveway 
for at least a month and possibly longer. 
 Several friends have offered rooms at their homes 

and we'll be taking them up on meals and laundry help.
But I'm happy to call the driveway home since we're comfortable, 
Noel and Atta are content,  and we like being close to the house.
It's wonderful to walk over and fix a sandwich at lunch 
and not have to make the late night drive back to the rental. 

In other news we've had the septic system installed
and most of the grading finished around the house.

This little gravel path to the lower level has been a huge help 
with keeping the dirt levels down in the basement.

The Marmoleum (think sheet linoleum) was laid in the kitchen
and I only got a copule of quick iphone photos  before it got covered with the RamBoard. 

I'm super happy with the color ("Forest Ground") and the great job of the installers!
Since everything was cleared out for the installation, 
these photos make it all look so nice and clean inside.... 

Photos lie!!
Trust me, it's total chaos and mess in there from one end of the house to another.

And now it's time for breakfast and the quick walk to work.
The soapstone installer is working on Sunday 
and I'm getting the counters installed in the kitchen and guest bathroom today!!!

I've got some painting and window scraping to do ahead of the installation 
so I'd better get moving before I'm fired.  :) 


  1. Wow, that's a tough way to make a go of it, even for a short time. Hope you can move in soon.

  2. just saving yourselves the drive must be SO great right now! i know you enjoy being close to your new life!

  3. The house is looking fabulous! I know you are anxious to finish up and move in. At least you don't have to go far to get there.

  4. That is good you are just a few feet away from lunch and your bed. And great you have friends you can rely on for laundry and a good meal. Can't wait to see the counters installed! Hopefully a month won't seem too long. What about Thanksgiving?

  5. After our house burned, they let us move in while the house was still being built. We were in part of the lower floor while they finished up the other part of the lower floor and the whole upper floor. I remember one day sneaking up and loading up the dishwasher after I tested it and found out it worked. After that I used it daily instead of hand washing, in a sneaky kind of way. Just think, you'll be in for sure by Christmas! (When I need a little help with something in the future, like your not being able to move in for at least a month, I just imagine a month or two after that, and picture what it will be like then. It really helps me - though you folks don't seem a bit discouraged. More power to you!!! Your Elliot's Hill Buddies, Linda & Dave PS If you want to try our little Elliot's Hill UM Church, you're more than welcome - 10:15-11:15. Everyone's dying to meet you! And put our church's Christmas dinner on your calendar: December 9. I know we won't be your main church, but it will be fun to have you join us every so often. :)

  6. Hi Grace and Joe, thanks for the updates on living quarters and new house progress. As you said, things will be tight for awhile, and nice to know that friends have offered to help as well with things you can't do at the trailer, like laundry. Hope you don't get any of the nasty bad weather that's being predicted for the end of this week.

  7. And you don't want to be fired because??? Sounds like you are making great progress.

  8. I lived for a year on my sailboat in California. There were 4 steps I could take before I hit the V berth. I slept in the quarter berth. I had two cats and no husband and I love that I did it, but don't want to do it again!

  9. It's far better, I think, than living in the house while it's being built. Dave and I lived in the house and it was a train wreck! but, we survived and even thrived; good, no great, memories all!

  10. Grace, The land is georgous. I dsed to work for Joe my name is Patti Cambre. Looks like you and Joe found a piece of heaven on earth. The view is beyond words. Wish you both the best. Look forward to your next post. I have enjoyed watching the progress of your build and the pics of the rivers. Especially loved the dog ear pictures. That was great

  11. Hi Grace, hope you and Joe don't plan to celebrate Thanksgiving in the trailer! But, then you could say you celebrated the holiday at your new home. Have a wonderful celebration wherever it's spent.


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