Wednesday, November 21, 2012

It's Looking Good Outside!

No we haven't fallen victim to carbon monoxide poisoning in the trailer
or worked ourselves into a state of total exhaustion.
(Only partial exhaustion)!

We're still happy campers out here on the driveway.

I've been too tired at night to post
but the house is looking grander every day 
and I can hardly wait to call it home.

With worries about the weather changing, 
there was a push to get some work done outside.  

Making the biggest visual impact was the instant growth of grass.....

A package deal of 10,000 square feet. 
Holey moley that was a lot of grass!
When we were in our 40's we sodded the front and backyard ourselves at the old house, 
but this time I stayed inside working and 
happily left the sod-laying to others.
Diesel sales in the county were good this month!
About 5 different machines were constantly busy out on the hill for over a week.
Scraping and shaping, moving dirt, topsoil, limestone and gravel.
They did a beautiful job and there are planting beds ready to go in the spring.

Other outside developments included getting the septic system operational.
One of these days, we'll have a toilet in the house
to go along with the septic,
but babysteps you know!

Gutters were installed.
And bring on the snow and power outages.....
We've got a generator!!

In case you're thinking that since it all looks so lovely outside, 
then surely we must be moving in any day now?

I'll give you a reality check.... 

and leave you with the current state of the guest room...

Concrete floors, windows out being primed, no toilet or running water in the bathroom etc.

Did I mention that everyone is coming here for Christmas?
Here I am working into the wee hours of the night on one of the windows.

Arriving armed with a sense of humor and adventure 
will be required of all family members 
at Christmas this year!!


  1. lordy, you are working hard! it does sound like you're making leaps and bounds, then maybe not so much... :)

  2. Absolutely beautiful, every square inch. WOW... look how far you've come!

  3. The sod really brought the look together. Crossing my fingers that the weather stays just warm enough to allow you to keep working. Can't wait until you are settled inside this glorious house! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your entire family, Grace!

  4. I was hoping to have ours mostly finished by Christmas. Now I hope to have the plaster in and maybe painted, so the kids can see how it will look NEXT Christmas!


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