Thursday, November 22, 2012

Farewell Faithful Servant

A Farewell Ode:

I know I don't seem like the type to want household help.

But when I returned from my honeymoon 34 years ago, 
and found that my mother had arranged for you to be at our rental house waiting for me,
how could I say no?

At first there wasn't a lot for you to do.
But when the boys began to come along,
things picked up considerably.  

All hours of the day or night, you were at the ready.
How well I remember that 12 hour evening when all six of us had a stomach virus....
What would we have done without you?

Never needing attention,
Quiet and efficient.

Outlasting several partners.

It's not that I don't need you anymore,
but I fear that I've become a superficial snob and
you'd be out of place at the new house.

You're...  (gulp)... the wrong color
and a little shabby.

Oh how weak that argument sounds
when there's not anything else the matter with you but your looks. 

I had hoped that I wouldn't have to end it myself, 
but you seemed determined to stick with me forever 
so I had to be the one to cut the tie.

It's time for both of us to move on.

Farewell faithful servant....

Almond Maytag Dryer 

Never a repair....  1978-?

Given away to a new home.

Sniff, sniff! 


  1. They just don't build that kind of long term quality anymore. I would be shedding a tear too. Sniff sniff

  2. oh, i think i'd have had to keep it in the garage or something. :)

  3. Oh I sould have made room in the barn for it!

  4. It's good of you to pass it on to someone who doesn't mind the color. I hope your new washer is as good as the old one.


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