Monday, November 26, 2012

Bathroom Sneak Peaks

I'd love to do a grand "reveal" where everything is spiffy with towels hung up and every speck of dirt and grit banished.  

But I might be 100 before that happens  :)

As far as the progress by Slow-Old-Painters-R-Us: 
both downstairs bathrooms have their final coats on the walls. 

When I get two coats on the baseboards in the guest bathroom, 
I can declare victory on 2 of the 3.5 bathrooms!   

The guest bath has a tub/shower 
with mosaic tiles and shelves around the glass block window 
and a ledge of soapstone bumping out the side wall 
that will give you a little elbow room while using the shower.  

Lest you think, I could be showering here instead of in the trailer,
hat's the faucet and shower head residing in the box on the top shelf...  :(

Across from the tub, is this vanity that I scored from Restoration Hardware.  
I put a soapstone top on it with some "mod" Hansgrohe faucets being installed.  
No those aren't candles in the corner.... just PVC pipe!
The RH drawer slides are pure junk, 
our plumber has had a rough time fitting in the tiny gap left between the drawers 
and I'll have to seal the "distressed" wood.  
If it had been full price, I'd have been disappointed, 
but it was such a bargain basement find that's it's worth the inconveniences.

I'll oil the soapstone to turn it darker when all of the work is finished.  

In the hall bathroom, the shower is complete 
(okay, so the water isn't turned on....) 
with the showerpipe, 
wood look tile and french shower doors installed. 

And what's this peeking around the corner?  
Be still my heart, it's a toilet!
Not working and without a seat, but hopefully by the end of the week?

There's no vanity or sink in that bathroom 
since I decided at the last minute that the antique sideboard/vanity needs refinishing, 
so I was tackling that for a while this evening. 

Yes I look like a total bum these days....  


  1. Well, someone is happy cuz there is a happy face on that window... LOL

  2. an extremely hard working bum! :)

    i love the shower in the hall bathroom. so cool. i know you can't wait to have these modern conveniences at your disposal. :)

  3. firstly, you do not look like a total bum!! You look like a hard-working owner of a most beautiful house full of all the details that make it yours. You are to be commended for putting so much of your own blood, sweat and tears into it. I love that soapstone!! I like all the sneak peeks, too....don't want to wait for one long big reveal.

  4. it all looks beautiful to me! as to a grand reveal, I can do one of those right now...but not in my bathroom -grin-.

  5. I have been running behind on blog reading, Grace, but spent time looking at this post and several older ones. The exterior looks wonderful and so different from our view a couple of months ago. Interior is getting better too. Thanks for keeping us updated on the house progress and hope your Christmas dream to celebrate inside comes true for you and Joe and your family.


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