Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's really "News From the Hill"!

We're finally living on the land!  

This is at last truly "News From the Hill"!!

We thumbed our noses at Hurricane Sandy
and went ahead with plans for the move on Monday.

We didn't have much choice.  
The new tenants at the rental
were coming to take our place in three days
whether we were still there or not.

There was a little drizzle and some bitter cold wind
but since a hurricane was on the way,
I was grateful that it wasn't worse.

We had a team of six young men, from a moving company in Roanoke,
who worked like Trojans and got the job done in 7 hours,   
minutes before the downpour, sleet and snow(!) began.

So here we are out on the driveway of the new house
living in the RV section of the horse trailer.

So close and yet so far away!  

I know it sounds sort of grim, but it's fine!

Yes it will be tight quarters for the next few weeks (month?)

But it's SO nice to finally be here.
On our own land.
In our own "home"/trailer.

Packing and cleaning the rental gave me a six day
hiatus  from painting 
and am practically in withdrawal!  

I'll post some photos of the new digs tomorrow.
It's cozy, 
and it's home sweet home for the next month or so!  


  1. And look at THAT VIEW! Congratulations on finally having your feet planted on your own land. One step closer to having your very own doorbell! LOL Woo hooooo!! Happy Halloween.

  2. No, it doesn't sound grim; it sounds like a continuing adventure!

  3. Hurray and congrats!! You are on your own land, and soon will be sleeping in your bed in your room of your most fantastic home. So excited for you.
    This photograph is amazing. Can't wait to see more and hear more. Have fun!!

  4. So excited for you, Grace! I have not been commenting on a lot of blog posts, but please know I am keeping up with :)) Can't wait to see your continued adventure!!!
    xo, misha

  5. Grace and Joe, yes you are so close and we imagine you will really be getting more anxious as the weeks go by. But, we also know that you are so glad to be close to home, even if it will be a bit tight for awhile...and we hope comfy and warm.


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