Monday, October 1, 2012

Front porch and Underporch

We got quite a bit of painting, polying, puttying, priming 
(say that fast why don't you?!) 
accomplished this weekend.

You'll  have to use your imagination 
to see me wielding the caulking gun or paintbrush 
since we didn't take time to snap photos.

The things that we're spending so many hours on are rather unphotogenic anyway.  

Many bloggers take photos of chopped onions etc, 

but does anybody really want to see a filled nail hole?  

We aren't the only ones working, outside we had some changes last week...

The bluestone was laid on the front porch 
and the plan for the steps, front pedestals and our entry from the garage
 came together with the help of a lot of cinderblock and concrete!

The original elevations had the columns ending a ground level 
and so no need for the steps 
but our placement of the house made the front a little higher.
So this was a head-scratcher to try and figure out how best to ground the columns 
and route the side steps without detracting from the columns and porch.

And yes, the front door is here (finally) and so is the side door!  
As soon as the bluestone is grouted, 
they'll finish up the front of the house!

Another decision that I debated was what to do with the "underporch" area.  

Aggregate (too expensive), scored concrete (a bit out of character) , bluestone (again too expensive)?  

Instead we went with pavers 
and I'm totally happy with both the pavers themselves (Hanover Pavers) 
and the careful attention to detail that the local guys are giving to the installation.  

This was the scene a couple of weeks ago (pre-paint too)...

And this weekend... they're still working and tweaking....

The polymer sand will go down to bind them all together when the layout is completed and it's all level.

I'm headed to the house for more puttying and caulking down in the basement.  

At noon, I'm removing my do-rag and work clothes 
and scooting over to a friends for a two hours of bridge.  
They swear that they won't laugh at my paint spattered arms and hands.  
Then it'll be back to the house for the evening shift! 


  1. I think your bridge playing friends should allow you to come with your 'do rag' and wear them as well.. You know, a show of solidarity on you not being in your house yet. LOL Just kidding my dear!

  2. wow, that is looking really good! :)

  3. Such a difference! Everything is going splendidly. You have made wonderful decisions!

  4. I love those pavers. We need a paved walk to the front door and they would be perfect. Gotta wait until the basement is finished to even START thinking about the rest.

  5. Nice to read that you were able to stop working and get out for a bit of fun, and the work will certainly wait for you, Grace.

  6. WOW! It's, it IS fabulous! Grace, love it!


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