Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Few New Pics

We get back to the rental at around 9-10 pm each night 
after a 10-12 hour day of working, 
and practically fall into bed each night.

Joe is handling lots of construction details, working on the retrofitted antique furniture vanities 
and helping make my painting job easier by moving things and sanding.

Meanwhile, I'm still staining, filling holes, caulking, puttying, polying, 
priming and Sealcoating as fast as possible.   

Here I am staining the kitchen windows 

and practicing my Olympic balance beam routine at the same time!
It's a long way down on the other side of the glass
so I hope to not do a triple dismount through the window!  

At long last, the little white front door has been replaced!

FINALLY the front door arrived and was installed (still missing trim in these photos) 

and the little temporary white door moved over to the side entrance.

We'll have another Loewen glass door over there, 
but are waiting until more work is done inside 
before getting rid of our little white "beater" door.

The lower half of the kitchen cabinets are here!!

And the Silestone quartz in the our bathroom was installed without a hitch!

There's lots more to show and tell but I'm hitting the pillows!


  1. Absolutely beautiful, all of it. Love the front door, the stonework, the big windows to enjoy those incredible views... I know it's exhausting.. been there done that, but OH, what you'll be living in when it's done.

    Thanks for sharing....

  2. you are just working yourselves to death. i know it will all be worth it. the details you've thought through, planned, purchased, then worked on yourself are amazing!

  3. Having seen a LOT of your progress during out visit, this is so exciting to see even more progress. Falling asleep tired after a day of working on your dream home is tiring, but certainly must be a good feeling. We had similar ones when we first bought this Victorian and worked on it too.

  4. Looks like you're getting there. I am glad to see you are using a respirator when you're working on the stain and paint.

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